Permanent Makeup

Liberate yourself from the tyranny of daily makeup application! Look your best 24/7 with no time or effort!


Eyebrows - Traditional and Microblade $600

Now you can enjoy years of having eyebrows that always look their best without having to apply them! Great for women who have lost their hair through chemo, aging, or Alopecia. 2 hours.


Eyeliner, upper only $400
Eyeliner, lower only $400
Eyeliner, upper and lower $600
Choose either upper or lower eyeliner or both. Present a beautiful framework for your eyes without having to lift a pencil. No more smearing or raccoon eyes, even while swimming, crying, or perspiring! Only 1 section is 90 minutes, both is 2 hours.


Lips, only liner $550
Lips, full lip $700

Choose either a lip liner or the whole lip for your permanent makeup. Enjoy the look of lipstick without having to apply and re-apply it all day. Accentuate your lip line to give your lips a fuller, younger appearance. Only liner is 2 hours, full lip is 2.5 hours.


Areola by quote
Beauty mark $60
*Other body parts by quote.

All Follow Up Procedures

Follow up for permanent makeup procedures within 6 weeks is free. The fee for permanent makeup refreshing from 1 to 3 years is half of the original price. Any refresher after 3 years is the full updated price.


Eye Brows Eye Brows Eye Brows Eye Brows Eye Brows


Lips, Liner, and Brows

After Lips, Liner, and Brows AFTER


Lips Lips

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