Facials and Skin Care

Our facials not only improve your skin with state-of-the-art products and equipment, but also provide the ultimate in relaxation.

We have developed highly effective tools, products and techniques to aid in bringing you the stress-relief you crave. Every service includes hot towels, massage and elements or our signature “Sound Journey”.

All of these relaxing tools are available at our discretion for use during your treatment:

  • Gwa Shau or Jade Roller
  • Sound Journey (ASMR)
  • Cupping
  • Thai herbal balls
  • Kansa wand
  • Flory Organics CBD infused cream

Facial Services

HIGH FREQUENCY SKIN IRREGULARITY TREATMENT.......Direct High Frequency can effectively treat common skin irregularities including: Comedones Skin Tags Brown Spots Cherry Angiomas Broken Capillaries Seborrheic Keratosis Pricing is based on individual basis. (Generally, a single skin abnormality treatment (such as one skin tag) would be $50 for single irregularity. Multiple irregularities would be $100 for 15 minutes.)

MICRONEEDLING with AnteAGE ® Stem/GF & Cytokines stem-cell serum.............60 minutes, $250
Series of three, $650
When you introduce a controlled “injury” to the skin through the use of microneedling, the skin responds by rushing to the site to repair the cells. This process causes the generation of collagen and elastin which smooths and plumps the skin for a younger, healthier appearance. It aids in minimizing hyperpigmentation, scaring and fine lines.

Because tiny channels have been opened to the dermal layer, the serum that we apply is able to make lasting changes on a deeper level. Our serum is the best on the market because the ingredients include a “bone marrow stem cell” derived product. Bone marrow has proven to be the most effective source of stem cell therapy. It is a far superior source to plant stem cells.

One treatment will make a noticeable difference but a series is recommended for optimum results.

Always Pretty SIGNATURE FACIAL..........60 minutes, $90
Individualized skin treatment, including extractions, exfoliating enzymes, two hydrating masks, massage and hot towels. We complete the facial with a tinted nourishing cream with SPF and a lip plumping balm!

EXPRESS FACIAL........30 minutes, $50
If you want all the relaxation of our fabulous facial over your lunch break, this service is for you! Return to life looking radiant and feeling revived!

BACIAL...........60 minutes, $85
How often do you get deep cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing for your back? You will love feeling refreshed and relaxed after this back treatment. At the conclusion of the hour, you will melt under the hot rock massage!

DERMAPLANING...........60 minutes, $95
This treatment gets rid of layers of dead, dry skin and Vellus hair. The result is smooth skin that will easily absorb the deeply hydrating Hyaluronic acid serum we apply. Your makeup will glide on flawlessly as well. The addition of a chemical peel enhances the effectiveness of this treatment.

CHEMICAL PEEL........45 minutes, $75
A chemical peel gently gets rid of the dead, dull layers of your skin. It aids in the generation of collagen, and minimize fine lines. We choose the appropriate peel for you, after analysing your personal skin's needs. A series is recommended for optimum benefit to your skin.

ASMR “Sound Journey”.........60 minutes, $80
ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a phenomenon where a feeling of well-being is experienced as a result of gentle sound or touch stimulus. This is sometimes accompanied by a very pleasant tingling sensation beginning in the scalp and traveling down the spine.

During this service you will enjoy a series of pleasing sounds that will take you to a place of peaceful “letting go”. Massage is incorporated for deeper relaxation. You will not find a service like this ANYWHERE else. It is unique to Always Pretty and will leave you feeling like you have been enveloped by magic.

Add FLORAL ORGANICS “CBD infused cream”
to any facial …...$10 upgrade


Skin Tags
Broken Capillaries
Age Spots
Sebaceous Hyperplasia
$50/15min when treating multiple irregularities

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Client Testimonial (text)

"I had the most wonderful hot stone massage at Always Pretty! Carol is a delight. I 'm also in the process of getting a series of chemical peels. Awesome special." - Kim, July 2, 2016

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